Anesthesia Mask Standards & IFU


Need information about best practices, shelf-life, donning and doffing?

Below you will find information and instructions for how to properly use our Anesthesia Breathing System.

Anesthesia Breathing Systems are intended for the transmission of medical gases to patients. The masks are to be worn over the mouth and nose of the patient to allow delivery of the required gases. Anesthesia Breathing System come in various sizes to fit different user populations.

  • Single patient use only, do not reuse.
  • Do not clean or sterilize as it may compromise the integrity of the product.
  • Do not over inflate or use excessive pressure when applying the mask.
  • Do not attach mask to any connection size that is not compatible. Please refer to connection sizing indicated on the product.
  • The effect of “dead space” in an anesthesia mask on patient ventilation should be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • It is recommended the product be stored in a cool, dry environment; however, room temperature storage of this product is also acceptable.
  • Although individually packed, product is supplied non-sterile. Do not use if the packaging has been compromised.
  • Anesthesia Breathing System has an expiry date on the packaging. Do not use the product if it is past expiry.

Note: To be administered by a trained/licensed practitioner

  1. Select size of mask based on the patient, then remove mask from bag.
  2. Check the mask for leaks in the air cushion.
  3. Examine the seal and fit of the mask on patients’ face. Use a syringe to inflate or deflate the cuff if required.
  4. Secure mask to patient. If the hook ring is not required, you should remove it and dispose of it appropriately.
  5. Attach corresponding attachments (i.e., anesthesia system) as per sizing and hospital practices.
  6. This mask is a single-use product. Please dispose of after use, according to your hospital’s waste control policies.

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