Examination Glove Standards & IFU


Need information about best practices, shelf-life, donning and doffing?

Below you will find information and instructions for how to properly use our examination gloves.

The primary purpose of medical examination gloves (“exam gloves”) are to help prevent cross-contamination between patients and caregivers during medical procedures. Exam gloves can also be used to provide a certain level of protection from chemotherapy drug agents and chemicals depending on the glove.

Exam gloves are single use products and should be used for one procedure and patient only. It is important to regularly check and inspect your gloves to ensure their integrity is maintained, especially when dealing with medical tools. When safe to do so, exam gloves should be discarded and replaced when they become soiled, after extended periods of use, torn or dislodged in any way. Glove changes should also be considered if your activities take you from a contaminated area to an area on the patient that could be contaminated.

  1. Remove the exam glove from the box or packaging.
  2. Once the first exam glove is properly removed from the packaging, be careful to only touch the restricted surface of the glove corresponding to the wrist (at the top edge of the cuff).
  3. Don the first exam glove from this touch point.
  4. Taking the second glove with the bare hand, and touch only restricted surfaces of glove corresponding to the wrist.
  5. To avoid touching the skin of the forearm with the gloved hand, turn the external surface of the glove to be donned on the folded fingers of the gloved hand, thus permitting to glove the second hand.
  6. Once gloved, hands should not touch anything else that is not defined by indications and conditions for glove use.
  1. To remove the gloves, start by pinching one at the wrist level, without touching the skin of the forearm with the contaminated glove. Then peel the glove away from the hand, allowing the glove to be flipped inside out once removed.
  2. Holding the removed glove in the gloved hand, slide the fingers of the ungloved hand inside between the glove and the wrist. Remove the second glove by rolling it down the hand and over the first glove.
  3. Discard of the removed gloves according to your facilities procedures and best practices.

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