Gown Standards & IFU


Need information about best practices, shelf-life, donning and doffing?

Below you will find information and instructions for how to properly use Medical and Isolation Gowns.

A medical gown is typically used in a hospital or clinic environment where you might be exposed to microorganisms and particulate matter. The medical gown is designed to protect personnel and patients from the transfer of these microorganisms and particulate material in a sterile environment.

When doffing a medical gown leaving your gloves on and pulling the gown off according to following doffing instructions will allow you to safely contain any contaminants.

  1. Start by pulling the individual gown from the bag.
  2. Inspect the gown prior to donning for any rips, or holes. If the gown is in good condition, continue to the next step of donning the gown. If there is a hole or tear, discard the gown and restart the donning process.
  3. Take hold of the gown from the folded edge and allow the remainder of the gown to unfold. With both hands holding either side of the neck opening swiftly, snap the gown down to release the rest of the gown. Gown is now ready to be donned.
  4. Place arms into the sleeves and hands into the thumb-loop cuffs if they apply to your gown.
  5. Pull the gown overhead.
  6. Pull the side ties to the back of the gown and tie at the rear of the waist.
  1. Leaving your medical gloves on, start by crossing your arms grasp on the shoulders and pull the gown away from the body to break the neck closure.
  2. Move down to your waist grasp the gown, and pull away from the body to break waist closure.
  3. Roll the gown down the body inside out into a ball with your medical gloves to ensure fluids and contaminants are contained.
  4. Discard of the gown in an appropriate receptacle. Some users may require special disposal depending on your local facilities rules and applicable regulations.

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