Mask Standards & IFU


Need information about best practices, shelf-life, donning and doffing?

Below you will find information and instructions for how to properly use WEMASK Medical Face Masks.

Surgical and procedure masks are generally used to reduce the risk of pathogen transfer between individuals. Masks accomplish this by covering the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, lungs with filtering materials and eyes where applicable with a visor. They can be used as protection for asymptomatic individuals or as a way to contain droplets from symptomatic individuals; however no mask completely eliminates the risk of exposure to blood or body fluids.

Masks are single use products and should be worn for one procedure or patient only. Surgical and procedure masks are not respirators and are not designed to create a complete seal or replace N95s. Masks should be regarded as contaminated after use and discarded according to hospital policies. When it is safe to do so, masks should be replaced if they become wet, soiled, torn, or dislodged in any way.

Draw the mask from the box with the color side of the mask facing out, and ensure the nosepiece is at the top. Open the pleats and form the nosepiece lightly across the nose and cheekbones. Note that for dye-free masks, often white on both sides, the layer grasped to pull the mask from the box should be facing out once donned. Once the nosepiece is formed, pull the earloops behind your ears. If donning a surgical mask, pull the top ties to the crown of the head and tie, followed by tying the bottom ties at the base of the neck. Ensure the mask pleats are opened enough to fully cover the nostrils and mouth. Once the mask is on comfortably, press along the nosepiece to form a snug fit against the face. If donning a visor mask, slide the index fingers between the mask and the bottom of the visor and press along the nosepiece to create the final fit.

Remove procedure masks by grasping the earloops and pulling out to clear the ears. When taking off a surgical mask, tightly grip the ties at the base of the neck and pull outward to break ties, followed by breaking the ties at the crown of the head. After earloops have been removed or ties have been broken, discard according to hospital policies ensuring not to touch the front of the mask as this should be treated as contaminated after use.

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